Holistic + Plant Based Lifestyle

plant based lifestyle.


What do we mean when we say  holistic and plant based? We are referring to the use of plants and herbs as they have been used for ages by our ancestors. We are also referring to the use of plants to improve our health, heal hundreds of illnesses, ailments, diseases and enhance overall wellbeing. 

volunteer with us.


Are you interested in helping us conduct our monthly workshops in the community of Regla ? We offer year-round volunteer opportunities to give travelers to Cuba a chance to work alongside community members seeking to complete sustainable and eco-friendly projects. Please contact us for more details. 



We offer workshops in the community of Regla located in the city of Havana, Cuba. The workshops are range in a variety of subjects from  reiki, to AfroVegan cooking and hands-on experience with traditional Afro-Cuban medicinal plants and herbal remedies. Please visit our event calendar to see more about our upcoming workshops.