Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to Cuba?


Yes! Travel to Cuba is possible with a tourist visa for non- U.S passport holders. For U.S citizens, we recommend that you please visit for more info on visa and travel requirements.

I have a vegan or plant based diet, how should I best prepare for travel to Cuba?


Although vegan and vegetarian options may be difficult to find for first time travelers to Cuba, there are many option for vegans and plant based diets. There are various alternatives in the city of Havana and many local outdoor markets.  Please see our upcoming blog post on a list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants  and options! 

Where is Regla located?


Regla is a municipality in the city of Havana, Cuba. Located on the Bay of Havana, travelers to Regla must take a ferry or "la lanchita" from Old Havana to get to Regla. Historically known as a fisherman's town, Regla is a community rich in cultural and religious history. The municipality of Regla is  also home to the town of Casablanca, the home of  our local community farm partners.