ReglaSOUL is a Cuba based project that promotes an alternative holistic lifestyle. It is a resource of plant based holistic medicine for a growing green community in Havana, Cuba. ReglaSOUL advocates for better access to wellness resources for Afro descendants in Cuba through plant based and holistic healing events and workshops. ReglaSOUL is the brainchild of the Regla born activist, organizer and Cuban hip hop pioneer Alexey “..el tipo este..” alongside independent filmmaker, photographer, and holistic wellness advocate Amberly Alene. Both live in the municipality of Regla. Building with Afro Cuban local healers, farmers, wellness instructors, spiritual leaders, activists, and artists in Cuba, ReglaSOUL seeks to lead a pathway to the improved health and well being of Afro descendants within the island of Cuba. 

Our Goals.

ReglaSOUL was formed with three objectives in mind: 

  • To promote mindfulness and sustainability in the community of Regla
  • To provide holistic and plant based medicinal alternatives for the general wellness and mental health of our residents 
  • To increase advocacy for the communities of persons of color, most specifically the black, Afro Cuban population in the municipality of Regla 

Our Purpose.

We seek to provide care and resources for the members of our community with minimal access to the means to better improve their self-care, mental health, nutrition, and general wellness for themselves and their families. Through our international initiatives of retreats and collaborative projects, we seek to encourage Afro descendants from both inside and outside of Cuba to help us create the sustainable infrastructure needed to create a better wellness outlook for the black and brown people of the municipality of Regla. 

Some of our previous clients

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) 

Witness for Peace 

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